Responsibilities of owning a private campground membership

Written By: Terry Simpson Jr

Private campground memberships are becoming popular with RV and tent campers alike. Memberships may include several responsibilities that promote fun and safe camping. All campgrounds have different member responsibilities and could be more or less stringent.

Keep the campsite clean. Make sure the site is not cluttered with trash. Surprisingly, some people try to get by without cleaning up their trash. Most campgrounds provide dumpsters or trash cans for trash collection.

Give the RV a bath. Dirt collects on RVs throughout the year. Therefore, washing RVs once a year may be another member responsibility. So grab the pressure washer and clean that RV.

Grass must be cut. Most campgrounds will charge a fee to provide grass cutting service. This may be a weekly or monthly service that is provided. Along with cutting the grass, members will be responsible for trimming around objects on the campsite.

Alcohol consumption may be permitted. Invite family and friends for a good time during a stay at the campground within reason – but be aware of those with unruly behavior when consuming alcohol. Some campgrounds may go as far as banning someone from the park for bad behavior.

Be careful with campfires. Most campgrounds provide fire rings to use at each site to help prevent forest fires. Of course, a supply of firewood will be needed for a campfire. Just make sure it is stored a safe distance from the fire ring.

Turn off that alarm? Car alarms may be permitted at the campsite. If an alarm is overly sensitive, do the responsible thing and disconnect it.

Pets are welcome in most campgrounds. Pets will most likely have to be kept on a leash. If a pet is noisy or aggressive, the owner could be asked to remove the pet from the property. Additionally, pet droppings must be disposed of properly.

Light fees. Most, but not all, RV campsites have electric hook ups. Electricity bills will likely be the member’s responsibility to pay. This bill may be part of the yearly fees, but electric usage could be restricted by the campground.

Taxes. Some campgrounds make the members responsible for paying the property taxes on the member’s site – be sure to look for this member responsibility as part of the contract.

Cleaning. Campgrounds sometimes ask campers to clean up after the winter. Some have even turned this activity into an annual event, complete with food and drink and even prizes. Spring cleaning is usually done before Memorial Day at most campgrounds.

Preserving the natural environment. Members are responsible for taking care of the environment. Wild animals are curious and will eat almost anything, and members can protect them by keeping harmful items stored away. Trees and other plant life are also an important part of camping. Members are responsible for making sure trees are not mutilated or destroyed.

Boat restrictions. Members who own a boat may be required to secure the boat and trailer at the dock area. There may not be enough room at the campsite area to store boats and trailers.

These are not all of the responsibilities a campground member might encounter. Some responsibilities will be written into an agreement, and other responsibilities will be more common sense and natural to campers. Just remember that safety and fun will make camping better for everyone.

Camping and RV shows

Written By: Mariella Ribbons

Camping and caravan trade expos are a great opportunity to learn more about RVs, camping gear and even the best places to go camping. This fantastic expos on camping and caravans are not just across the United States, but are also across the world. These expos on camping and caravans yield benefits, with decent entrance fees, few things to consider, and can be found online with ease.

Benefits camping and caravan shows

The convenience of going to a camping and caravan shows is the main benefit to these shows, the consumer information about RVs and other camping gear is readily available at each of the tables and booths of the representing companies and merchants. Future campers and current campers are giving the instant ability to see what RVs and gear that are for sale are like, how much the RVs cost, the differences in the different models and where to buy them. The vast majority of these shows do sell RVs, which gives the opportunity to greatly cut down on having to spend hours online going through websites hunting for an RV or driving from dealer to dealer over an expansive period. A large selections of RVs are there with all of the information on them, out and ready to be looked at, with a representative available to answer any necessary questions about the RVs and products at the show. The best part is that the RVs are available to be looked at in person before purchase.

Typical cost and time frame of shows

The general cost to get in to camping and caravan shows roughly ranges from $8 to $10 for adults and are free for children. Camping and caravan shows typically take place over a weekend period, however, it is common to see a show that has dates that span a couple of the weekdays in addition to the weekend. The hours of a camping and caravan show can vary as well, but for the most shows are generally open in the mid to late afternoon hours.

Where shows usually take place

Camping and caravan shows often take place outdoors to have the ability to fit everything into one show to give the ability for campers to be able to see the most camping and caravan products. Some the shows and expos may be partially indoors and also outdoors, and there are some shows that have everything exclusively indoors. When attending a camping and caravan show, it would be advisable to consider where the event is taking place, to decide on the proper clothing and shoe choices and if sunscreen would be needed.

How to find camping and caravan shows

Finding the information on where to find a camping, caravan, and RV show is relatively easy, especially with the help of websites such as expodtabase.com, tradefairdates.com, mdna.com and seexpo.coma. These databases automatically search internationally, so using filter settings and keywords are important to narrow down the search.

Camping and caravan shows are a great learning experience for those looking to have a true camp experience, or who are looking to really understand the details of camping and RV products.

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