Enjoying international travel With camp and caravan clubs

Written By: Delia Tallesen

Being able to travel around the world is one reason why people love camp and caravan clubs. As members, they find it easier to make overseas travel arrangements from flying to sightseeing. They are better able to book flights, rent caravans and buy discounted items for long-distance trips. Club websites have long lists of popular campsites found all over Europe and other continents. Hundreds of camp and caravan sites are located in dozens of European countries like France, Austria and Ireland. There is no reason why people should not participate in international travel with camp and caravan clubs.

International Travel Amenities

Different countries offer similar amenities for people who visit their campsites. Whether people go to Germany or the Netherlands, they find typical amenities to keep themselves entertained like pools, bars, restaurants and shopping areas. Some sites have their own businesses operating from within, while others are located near business districts. Some places are built a long walk away from the beach or countryside. Travelers can mix and match the different provisions found on the club websites.

Escorted Tours

For people who want well-rounded trips, escorted tours are designed for them. Tourists are able to see as much of the country as possible before leaving. An example is an 11 day escorted tour of Holland that does not require the use of the caravan. Visitors do everything from see flowers blossomed at the Keukenhof gardens to ride canal cruises down waterways in Amsterdam. Escorted tourists are encouraged to travel lightly to avoid losing their things and show up on time to meet the other members.

Travel to Specific Countries

When it comes to caravanning, West European countries have the most destinations for travelers. Ireland is a country well known for its lush green landscapes and rocky coastlines, which fits well for campers who love staying outdoors. Campers can have a few drinks at the pub and walk back to spend the night by an impressive coastline. A few designated campsites include Fossa, Camac Valley and River Valley, which provide facilities for cleaning and entertainment.

Spain is another country with landscapes that people want to view by caravan. Travelers get a thorough blend of Spanish cuisine, culture and architecture that sets the region apart. As for the camping environments, Spain has everything from beaches to snowy mountains. On a weeklong tour in places like Andaluca, travelers see the natural and cultural richness of the land. Whether campers love Ireland, Germany, Spain or all three countries, they are guaranteed to find some travel package that suits their interests.

New Experiences in Different Countries

When people go beyond their comfort zones and take the caravan overseas, they open up to new adventures and sights. Eventually, campers get tired of the familiar North American culture and think twice about visiting the same campsite. People who have heard about international travel with camp and caravan clubs should learn more online. They can choose from many different locations that provide unique activities for adults and children. All camp club members are encouraged to enjoy their travels internationally.

The Benefits of Getting Membership Perks in a Camp and Caravan Club

Written By: Delia Tallesen

Securing a camp and caravan club membership means getting a lot of perks. All of these benefits are needed for people who want to plan the next big outing. Whether they need insurance or camping tips, campers should work with the best trip guides. The membership perks are chosen thoughtfully and with the utmost consideration for dedicated campers. People are encouraged to learn more about the club services provided to campers and caravanners.

Vehicle Insurance

Caravan clubs provide a wide range of exclusive and comprehensive insurance options for members alone. There are recommended insurance packages that cover every type of vehicle like

  • caravan
  • campervan
  • car
  • trailer tent

Members find general insurance options when they need to cover

  • home
  • trailer
  • boat

On their websites, caravan clubs have links to product recommendations, online quotes and insurance providers. Finding the best insurance coverage is not always easy, but club sponsors make the search easier.

Theft Recovery Devices

There are GPS navigation and tracking systems that some club members receive at reduced costs. These devices come with special features that make it possible to recover a stolen caravan or other vehicle. People use them like satellites to detect signals from hundreds of miles away. Most tools are battery powered for quick use without an installation. Users check the location of the vehicle using the included software that has a simple user interface.

Regular Magazine Issues

Many club members get excited about getting the latest editions of magazines. In here, they find plenty of information about caravan maintenance tips, camp gear reviews and all kinds of guides about being the best camper. They should be able to write in and share their ideas with others. Additionally, members have exclusive access to hundreds of club meetings locally or around the world. People should look for magazines that always include new, exciting features.


Clubs have connections to many different businesses from retailers to insurance companies. They provide exclusive discounts to members that vary based on the level of membership. Members are able to save on hotel and travel deals along with insurance. They reduce their shopping bills when they buy camp gear at certain stores. Some clubs have long lists of discounted products that are offered on their websites. Common products include shoes, clothes, portable cups, eating utensils, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, trailers and bikes. People may want to enroll in different clubs to receive a wide range of offers.

Instead of just going outdoors in a caravan, people can join clubs and access a full range of benefits. With their club membership perks, they turn regular camping trips into unforgettable experiences. They learn how to save on camp equipment, visit the most popular campsites and buy the best insurance packages. They buy tracking devices to prevent thieves from getting their hands on discounted camping gear. Since the perks vary with each club, some people join different clubs to receive the best deals. Campers should strongly consider paying an affordable monthly fee to gain access to these perks.

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