Canadian camp and caravan clubs

Written By: Sarah Breslin

Canada is a beautiful and exciting place to explore the outdoors with a camper or RV. Many Canadians find their exploration of the great outdoors enhanced by joining a Canadian camp or caravan club. Club membership fees are typically very reasonable and often more than make up for the perks and savings associated with joining. These savings often include a long list of campgrounds in Canada, and in many times the United States, where members receive discounts. Camper clubs also provide opportunities for members to meet at rallies and campouts for a sense of community. There are a variety of different types of clubs in Canada and it can take some research to find the club that is right for each camper’s needs.

National camp clubs with great savings

For those looking for the greatest savings, the largest Canadian camp and caravan club is Explorer RV Club, which focuses specifically on those campers who prefer RV style caravanning. Similarly, Good Sam Club is a large American club with extensive Canadian chapters. Both of these clubs are open to anyone in Canada who owns an RV and, unlike smaller RV clubs, their focus is primarily on providing discounts to their members. These discounts include savings on campgrounds, magazine subscriptions, savings on Emergency Road Service, discounts at a variety of vendors, as well as RV, travel, and auto insurance discounts. They also host a variety of rallies and campouts throughout the year all over Canada and the United States. Explorer RV Club has one of the most extensive lists of campgrounds in Canada. Membership for both of these clubs are very reasonable at a mere $47 for one year of Explorer RV Club and $20 for one year of Good Sam Club for Canadian residents.

Owners’ clubs

Other clubs offer membership to owners of specific camper brands. These clubs are often sponsored by the manufacturers of these brands of campers. Their rallies provide opportunities for brand owners to build camaraderie around their specific camper, as well as trade advice and experiences. There are many owners’ clubs in North America with chapters throughout Canada. WIT Club for Winnebego owners is a great example of this. Local camper or RV dealers are often knowledgeable about owners’ clubs in their areas.

Community-based camp clubs

Other clubs in Canada are more friendship-based and focus on enthusiastic campers who want to build a camp community. These Canadian camp and caravan clubs often encourage members to bring their families and promote a tight-knit camper community. The Canadian Family Camper Federation is a great camper club for families with children and the RV Association of British Columbia is a good local club for those looking to camp specifically within British Columbia. Many larger Canadian clubs also offer small local chapters that have frequent, community-based campouts.

Many campers choose to join multiple types of clubs to maximize their camping experiences. Whether an individual is looking for discounts, an owners’ club, a small community camp experience, or all of the above, there is a Canadian camp and caravan club that will fit his or her needs.

Top three most affordable caravans

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

Caravans, also commonly known as RVs, are a great way to get the family away for a weekend or even spend extended time camping. Caravan and camping parks can be found all over the world, and are usually well priced places to have adventures. Buying the recreational vehicle itself, though, can quickly become expensive. For those
seeking the amenities of an RV without an excessive price tag, small caravans are ideal.
The caravans on this list are the three most affordable, and comfortable, camping vehicles currently on the market.

This class B motorhome is both pretty and practical. The small size allows the camper to be driven easily, but it still has room for a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The driver’s portion of the vehicle includes a full stereo system, A/C and heater, a tilt wheel and a trailer hitch. The most exciting feature is a rear camera that makes driving the twenty-three foot-long caravan a little bit easier. The interior is comfortable, but not excessive; a small TV and kitchenette make up the first part, but it does include full size beds and fully functional facilities. There are also areas to sit, nap and eat. This caravan sleeps four people.

For a smaller model, this class B motorhome has a decent amount of space and attention to detail. With a large wheelbase, it is easy to drive. The kitchen includes a two burner range, a sink and a small fridge. A microwave is also included. This RV is definitely better for a couple or family with small children, because it does only sleep two. It would be a great addition to a traditional weekend camping or for a couple traveling the land together. As a bonus, a new version of this caravan has a five year warranty to ensure that the RV stays in good condition.

This camper is more expensive than the rest, but the money is worth the comfort. Powered by Mercedes Benz, this camper is modern and large. The most appealing style=”font-weight: normal; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; line-height: 19px;”> feature in this model is the wall of windows on the passenger side of the vehicle, creating a much more open feel to a relatively small caravan. It sleeps up to two people, but there is seating for as many as six. In addition to a kitchen and bathroom, this model also includes a closet. It is definitely a step up from the previous caravans, and it can still be affordable with the right financing.

Investing in a recreational vehicle is a great way to add adventure to any lifestyle. Unfortunately, they can become an expensive purchase very easily. These best-selling models provide comfort and affordability for anyone from an inexperienced camper to a seasoned traveler looking for a new way to get around. Purchasing an RV from a reputable dealer with a warranty on the new model will keep a fun purchase from turning into a nightmare, and financing through an experienced lender can make the process of buying one of these fantastic, and affordable, recreational vehicles simple and easy.

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