Reviews of Canadian campsites

Written By: by Hilary L

As the second largest country in the world by area with fewer residents than the state of California, the Dominion of Canada offers some of the most magnificent natural vistas and campsites in the world. Here is a quick sample of some of them, located across the country’s ten provinces and three territories. The whole breadth and length of Canada is one of the friendliest and most beautiful in the world. With any luck, a visitor can visit every one of these places:

Banff National Park (Alberta) – One of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, it is renowned for its skiing and for its hot springs, Banff National Park is an outdoorman’s paradise. During the summer, hiking, biking and scrambling are the sports of choice, while the winter months bring all types of activities centered on the mountain setting and the prodigious amounts of snow that fall upon the area.

Goldstream Provincial Park (British Columbia) – If outright camping is more desirable, then bring a recreational vehicle or just a tent and enjoy the natural beauty of this park, nestled within one of the country’s oldest natural growth forests. In addition to the scenery surveyed from the campsite, tourists can also enjoy waterfalls, birds and the annual salmon spawning rite from any the dozens of hiking trails available in the park.

Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland) – Located on the western coast of the easternmost province in Canada, Gros Morne National Park is most notable for its eroded mountain landscape and the ubiquitous presence of moose. These animals, as well as any number of birds and other smaller creatures, will be seen as soon as one steps off the ferryboat that carries any tourist to the island. The park is fairly isolated, so be aware that visitors will mostly be alone with their thoughts and whoever else they bring along on the trip.

Winnepeg Beach (Manitoba) – For those with a passion for the water, Winnepeg Beach is hard to surpass. From just swimming in the lake through windsurfing to parasailing, every sort of water sport is available on the largest lake in southern Canada. The lake is also justifiably famous for remote sandy beaches, large limestone cliffs and its many bat caves. Don’t miss this one of a kind campsite centrally located in the middle of the country.

Bruce Peninsula (Ontario) – Jutting out into the Georgian Bay just to the east of Lake Huron, this peninsula is home to one of the largest populations of black bears – and other fauna – in the whole of Canada. In addition to nature walks, other activities on the Bruce Peninsula include star watching, cliff climbing and cave exploring.

Lake Matagami (Quebec) – Although ensconced in a rather rustic setting – that is, there are no services to speak of – this Canadian campsite is free except for a $5 maintenance fee and offers some of the most scenic hiking, boating and fishing venues in the south of the country. Do not bother bringing a TV, video game or smartphone, however, as there is no connectivity of any kind.

EU Camp and Caravan Clubs

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

When it comes to vacationing in the great outdoors, vacationers want only the best. Luckily, there are plenty of camp and caravan clubs across the European Union. Each has their merits, but they all will offer a vacationing family a great time any time of year. Unfortunately, many of them require membership in a club to gain access. Access can be gained a few ways, of course, but the easiest and most reliable way to enjoy a vacation is to be part of one of the better known caravan clubs in the European Union. The two most
well-known caravan clubs in the United Kingdom are
The Caravan Club UK and The Camping & Caravanning Club UK. For other campsites, having a Camping Card International acts as a season pass to all the best camping sites in the European Union.

The Caravan Club UK

Members of The Caravan Club UK enjoy a number of fantastic benefits. They are provided with a Great Savings Guide to get discounts on days out, and they are also offered exclusive travel opportunities. Members also receive discounts on things like the Suzuki S-Cross SZ5 and are provided with adventurous activities at beautiful sites and facilities. They have over
two hundred sites involved in the Club.
Membership is currently 46 pounds, or approximately 72 dollars.

The Camping & Caravanning Club UK

This camping club boasts over two thousand campsites that their members have the ability to visit. Members can search and book a perfect camping site anywhere in the UK and beyond, whether they prefer lakes or traveling along the coast. The Club is designed to make anyone’s camping experience as great as it can be, as well as to provide their members with resources and discounts for campsites and adventures all over the country. Insurance can be purchased directly through them and they even help members find the perfect vehicle match for their specific camping gear, or vice versa. Membership is currently 37 pounds, or approximately 58 dollars.

Camping Card International

This card takes a little bit of work to obtain, but foreign travelers will find that having a Camping Card International is extremely helpful. Many European campgrounds require that visitors leave their passports with the campground management as a deposit, so the Camping Card International acts as a passport. Additionally, it provides some campsite discounts and a campground guide. This card is hard to get, but it is worth the minor struggle.

The first step for United States citizens is to join AAA. Then, members must contact the Canadian Automobile Association and apply for the card. The application can be e-mailed to the Canadian Automobile Association. Finally, the card is issued to the applicant and they can begin to
travel overseas. The price for this card varies depending on the applicant.

Finding and getting into an exclusive camping club in the European Union can be tricky for a beginner. With a membership to one of Europe’s best camping clubs, though, or a Camping Card International, the process becomes much less stressful and much more enjoyable. Although there are fees and paperwork attached to every one of these, they are all worth it in the end when the vacationer gets to do exactly that – vacation.

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