Camp and Caravan Club Jobs

Written By: Chris In PA

For someone loving the outdoors a job at a camp or caravan club is ideal. If living on site in a beautiful place is enticing, this is the work to consider. Large campgrounds advertise in RV magazines and in many other publications as well as online for the positions they need filled. A couple can find work at a camp for both of them.

Campgrounds allow their employees to live on site in their own motorhome or trailer. This is part of the compensation they are given for working. An automobile isn’t necessary since they are right there on the property. The transportation around the campground is done in golf carts provided by the campground itself.

Many employees come from people who have been guests in the past. They feel like family since they have come to know everyone. After observing this way of life, they decide to apply for a position.

Once accepted into the camping family, employees may bid on jobs. If the camp company is large with locations throughout the country, they may move from one campground to another as jobs become available. In some states, seasonal help is needed during the warmer weather and once the campground closes for the winter, employees move farther south.

There are many positions that are needed to be filled in order to keep a campground running efficiently. One requirement for just about all positions is availability to work on weekends.

RV Park Store

All guests arriving in their RV’s or with camping gear must be checked in. Working at the store is light office work where good communication skills come in handy. The store sells many needed items for the campers. Mail comes in for the guests and must be sorted as well as arranging propane service, fax service and answering questions.


Behind the scenes and throughout the year the reservations keep coming in and have to be accurately arranged. Good computer skills as well as phone skills and knowledge of the campground are necessary for this job.

Cabin Cleaner, Housekeeping

When one party leaves and before the next one arrives, the cabins at a campground must be cleaned thoroughly. The bath house needs a daily cleaning as well. Housekeeping is responsible for towels and dinnerware at camps where these items are provided.

Gate Attendant

The security of all guests is most important. The gate attendant makes sure everyone entering the campground is entitled to be there by monitoring the guests, greeting them and giving directions.


Campgrounds with a pool or located on the ocean or a lake will employ a lifeguard. Families with young children appreciate the safety that is available and may consider one campground over another for this very reason.

Maintenance Crew

All trailers or campers must be guided to the proper site with the help of the maintenance crew. The work related to this position is to make sure everything is operational. Following a storm or bad weather, the crew does the cleanup necessary to keep the campground in good condition.

Working for a campground has many rewards. Couples can enjoy all that this lifestyle offers including leaving home ownership behind and living simply. It is the perfect opportunity for retired couples.

Common Camp and Caravan Activities

Written By: Chris In PA



Common Camp and Caravan Activities

Planning a camping trip should include a look at the possible activities offered at the campgrounds.  Relaxing is good but sometimes it gets tiring.  There are so many other things to do and a successful camping adventure will include various activities that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. 
It is fun to explore a new area and checking with the campground before the trip will give a good idea of what to expect.

Trail hiking is always fun.  Climbing rocks and walking on the scenic trails around the campground should be started in the morning.  Checking the distance at the main office will be a help to get back to the campground for dinner.  If the campground has a shoreline it may offer horseback riding.  Not all campgrounds do.  Taking a peaceful ride along the ocean with the gentle waves lapping the shore is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Most campgrounds are perfect for bike riding.  A day of cycling is always fun and a good way for everyone to exercise.  Whole families can ride together.  The campgrounds support this activity with trail maps.  This could become a daily routine when the weather is nice.  Even a short bike ride to the clubhouse or the camp store can get the blood pumping for other activities.

The plants in the campground may look like those at home but usually there are some that are quite
different.  Walking around and trying to identify plants is a good activity and will be a learning experience.  The same goes for identifying the birds.  Bringing a book along that has pictures of the native birds will help to identify them.  This is a good way to explore nature.

If the campground is located on a body of water, boating will be a prime activity.  Kayaks, canoes or paddle boats may be available for rental.  It is fun splashing around in the water. Skipping stones is always a favorite of the kids.  Fishing is another pastime that is enjoyed by whole families.  Of course other water activities can include swimming and water skiing.  Most campgrounds have a swimming pool.  They may also have an area to play a game of horseshoes or volleyball.  Sometimes neighbors will gather and play volleyball in the evening after dinner.

Some adult activities are scheduled at larger campgrounds.  They may have an entertainment night where a local band comes in to play.  Other nights could include one for bingo or a poker walk where cards are collected along the trail and the person with the best hand wins.  Some campgrounds have an ice cream social.  Water aerobics may also be offered with an instructor.  Miniature golf is offered by many campgrounds and gives a few hours of enjoyment to the whole family.

It is always wise to bring along board games and a deck of cards for those rainy days when no activities are scheduled and it is better to stay inside.  A deck of cards is good to remember for limitless games.

Calling ahead to the campground will help in the planning of a successful camping and caravan trip.  It will give an idea of what to bring along and what the campground has to offer in the way of activities.



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